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Social-Impact App | Deep Innovation | Creative inventor
Inviterapp is one of the AI-Matching projects.
It's a 'Personal-Event Platform'
which connects people and creates the enjoyment of living outside.
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Host & Choose

To become a ‘Hoster’, the first thing you need is passion. Then come up with the type of events you like. There are wide ranges of category for you to select. It can be a casual small lunch to a crazy pool party with EDM music and a DJ! The last step is to accept ‘Joiners’ who you think they matches your event.


The rest is get ready, and have some fun!



Join & go outside

To become a ‘Joiner’, start from registering yourself and filling up your profile, and send your request to ‘Hosters’. The more you tell about yourself, the better chance you’ll get to be selected by the ‘Hosters’ with same interests.


Now sit back, relax, and get ready to have some fun!


Let’s Live Outside

Countless of enjoyment awaits for you outside. Turn away from the screen for a moment and let’s start interacting with the real world!

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